Review: Pretty Lost Dolls by Ker Dukey & K. Webster

Pretty Lost Dolls by Ker Dukey & K. Webster

Series: Pretty Little Dolls #2
Publication Date: November 28th, 2016
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Thriller
Length: 272 pages
18 only. To enjoy this title you should have first read Pretty Stolen Dolls.

Benny had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.
Just like him, his dolly needed darkness as a fix, fix, fix.
So they tormented and hunted and played tricks, tricks, tricks.
Together their sins a lethal mix, mix, mix.

Until Benny missed his dolly who was lost, lost, lost.
He needed to find her and love her at any cost, cost, cost.
Not wanting him and his dolly to be alone, lone, lone.
He made plans to bring his dirty dolly, home, home, home.

Have you ever touched another’s soul with the essence of your own, breathed them in so they become apart of you?
I have.
Finally starting to live, feel and fall in love, amongst all the chaos surrounding me.
Dropping my guard and letting another into my heart.
I left my soul open.
I left my heart open.
I left the door open.
And he stole me.
Dillon…I’m sorry.


I may have been free from my cell, but I’d always be caged inside the walls of my mind—where he’s still the master.

Pretty Stollen Dolls really left me speechless. I have no words for this wicked authors. They're really brought all the crazy feelings for this story. Some of us maybe afraid of dolls; especially with porcelain dolls. Creepy yet intriguing. But this dolls are alive. Let's jump on Benny's crazy train!

✔ Once upon a time, there was a lost doll who finally escape from the nightmare by her master. Jade is a survivor but she's still looking for Benny, her captor. He have her little sister, Macy but something just didn't feel right. Hunt or be hunted. Which one is the predator and the prey? Jade can only hope Dillon has enough time to save her.

Benny may have captured little Jade when she was just fourteen.
Naïve and so damn stupid.
But this time…
Benny doesn’t have little Jade.
He has Detective Jade Phillips.
The department’s most ruthless cop.
A bitch.
A rumored dike.
A fucking nightmare.

✔ The story told from multiple POVs between Benny, Jade and Dillon. Why oh why... the villain always has two steps ahead. I have no idea. Benny has found his lost doll and brought her back. Jade is belong to him and he loves her in his sick way. There is no words for Benny's total obsession with Jade until this moment.

✔ But this time, Jade 'succeed' invade Benny's mind about his past. Slowly Benny revealed some of his memories. It was horrible and gut-wrenching. The pain he endured when he was a child turns him into a mad man. Benny really has twisted mind with his obsession for perfect doll.

I’m not crazy, dirty doll... Granted, I’m not what most would call normal either, but normal is like beauty—all in the eye of the beholder, right?”

✔ Between Jade and Benny, there is another sick person. Surprise surprise! Even Jade has develop into strong and hard-ass character, she's still in denial that Macy isn't her little sister anymore. Jade was blindsided with the urges to help her. Sadly, Macy already poisoned by her own obsession to be Benny's perfect doll but he chose Jade since the beginning. Well, two lunatics aren't enough?

✔ Dillon was really amazing person. He's working his ass off to search Jade and Benny. He deserved my two thumbs up. I just simply liked him. But unfortunately, I couldn't feel any romantic chemistry between him and Jade. They're just in love in 'hopeless' situation but really deserved each other.

✔ Goddamn! Every chapter gave me goosebumps. I really enjoyed this crazy ride but there are some issues that didn't work for me. I felt disconnect with the characters in the end. Moreover, Jade and Dillon didn't left huge impression for me. Also I lost interest with some coincidence events that makes it less intriguing. However, I was glad this isn't stockholm syndrome kind of romance. This book could be turn into a movie with dark and twisted feeling. *Evans Peters is my top choice for Benny with his boyish look and deranged mind.*

“I do know the difference between right and wrong, but I just like the way wrong feels. It’s an impulse, an urge more intense than anything else.”

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