Review: Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye

Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye

Series: Blasphemy #1
Publication Date: October 11th, 2016
Genres: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary Romance
Length: 154 pages
From the ruins of an abandoned church comes Baltimore’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club. Twelve Masters. Infinite fantasies. Welcome to Blasphemy...

He thinks he caused her pain, but she knows he’s the only one who can heal her…

Kenna Sloane lost her career and her arm in the Marines, and now she feels like she’s losing herself. Submission is the only thing that ever freed her from pain and made her feel secure, and Kenna needs to serve again. Bad. The only problem is the Dom she wants once refused her submission and broke her heart, but, scarred on the inside and out, she’s not looking for love this time. She’s not even sure she’s capable.

Griffin Hudson is haunted by the mistakes that cost him the only woman he ever loved. Now she’s back at his BDSM club, Blasphemy, and more beautiful than ever, and she’s asking for his help with the pain he knows he caused. Even though he’s scared to hurt her again, he can’t refuse her, because he’d give anything to earn a second chance. And this time, he’ll hold on forever.


My first read from Laura Kaye and I'm intrigued with her new series contains BDSM. I read quite a lot BDSM from various authors and I hope this isn't some wanna-be. Honestly, I didn't read the blurb and I found this is a second-chance love story. Beautiful and intense. Worth to read.

Kenna Sloane has lost her best friend and right forearm in her Marine's duty. Came back with PTSD, Kenna barely functional. She seems happy, but the truth she's blaming herself. Never crossed her mind to going back to Blasphemy, a BDSM club she visited five years ago. Griffin Hudson must be in dream when he saw the woman who haunted his dream. Griffin wouldn't make the same mistakes again with Kenna's in his arms right now.

I’m not sure you realize what you’re getting into with me, Kenna. Because I’ve missed the hell out of making you come.”
“Oh, God,”
“God can’t save you. Not from me. Not tonight.”

This is a very beautiful BDSM story that I wouldn't dream of. Yes, I have high expectation but I never imagined the heroine, Kenna is the one whose having PTSD and nightmares (usually the man). She's really strong and independent woman. I simply adored her. BDSM became her distraction especially with Griffin as her Dominant. Back with Griffin is like a dream especially with what happened in the past.

Griffin himself is a changed man. He's more mature and careful. He's start to threading careful with the new Kenna. Both interest in Shibari really amazed me with how much they're trusting each other. Kenna is never with another man beside him. They're starting to open up their feelings. Trust and honesty. Griffin always support Kenna no matters what. He loves her.

You ready to be bound to me?
Yes, Griffin. Make me yours. Tie me to you in every way you can.

Beside their intimate love story, I still didn't forget the BDSM scenes. Mostly involved rope but still sex after that. Cough. It was intense also amazing. Kenna and Griffin already into each other. Their chemistry felt so real. My only problem is something just didn't click me enough to feel more. Too structured? Too tame? Maybe. But such a captivating read and definitely recommended. I couldn't wait for the other Masters from Blasphemy club.

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