Review: Bad Bad Bad by K Webster

Bad Bad Bad by K Webster

Publication Date: March 30th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Length: 120 pages
Two interconnected stories. Two taboo treats.

Brandt’s Cherry Girl

He’s old enough to be her father.
She’s his best friend’s daughter.
Their connection is off the charts.
And so very, very wrong.
This can’t happen.
Oh, but it already is…

Sheriff’s Bad Girl

He’s the law and follows the rules.
She’s wild and out of control.
His daughter’s best friend is trouble.
And he wants to punish her…
With his teeth.

WARNING: These novellas are extremely hot and jam packed with insta-love. They’re MAJORLY taboo so if you have triggers about age and deviant acts, please don’t read this. I can’t be held responsible for corrupting you. If you have a taste for all things naughty, then you’re going to devour these taboo treats!


What a crazy ride! K Webster always managed to amaze me with her unconventional story. BAD BAD BAD is not for everyone. It has a hugeee age-gap between H/h and very taboo. But it's really suit my kinky taste without any weirdness. I really enjoyed it so much!

Brandt’s Cherry Girl: 3.5 Stars!

Why me?”
He growls and bites my shoulder. “It’s not every day I’m gifted an angel to defile. And baby,” he murmurs as he thrusts his cock against me. “I’m going to motherfucking defile you.”

Kelsey has been in lust with her dad's best friend, Brandt. She didn't care about the ages difference between them. Brandt is all man; not like the boys in her school. Because of her brand new red cherry tattoo, Kelsey managed to get to close with her wet dream.

I’m going to get you off one more time, Kelsey,” he growls. “And then I want you to go to bed like a good girl.” His gaze darkens. “I want you naked and waiting.” He leans forward and tugs at my panties in my mouth with his teeth until they slip out and drop between us. “I’m going to put my fat cock inside of you and make you mine.”

The first story was nicely done. They have the chemistry even it's really wrong. I enjoyed Brandt's foreplay and their shenanigans before he feels conflicted. A bit frustrating for me but acceptable. But it didn't make Kelsey give up on him instead she kept pursuing him even her father became the greatest obstacle. I admire her love for Brandt. Anyway, I liked it enough especially the sex scenes which is pretty tame.

I want him ripping me apart. He’s the only person who sets my soul on fire and makes me crazy with need. He could do anything to me and I’d let him.

Sheriff’s Bad Girl: 4.5 Stars!

“I want you hold me down and choke me. Tie me up and spank me. I want to be your bad girl and I want you to be the sheriff who punishes me.”

Oh, I also forget to mention Kelsey's best friend, Mandy who is a trouble maker. I'm surprised that Kelsey's father is became the second story. Rick is a bad-ass sheriff whose against his daughter's relationship. He was devastated to found out his best friend with Kelsey. And he 'catch' Mandy with a sinful body; going out late. Then, Mandy back to him with black eye and it enraged him. He let her stay but something more inappropriate happened.

You sneaky, bad girl.”
“You have no idea how bad I can be, Sheriff... Will you show me how to be bad?” she questions, an innocent pout on her lips.
“Bad girls suck cock.”

Rick is a breast man. He always commented on Mandy's tits. LOL! He's obviously eyeing her but pretend not interested. Mandy is really a siren. She tempted Rick and the sex happened. He disappointed in himself, But Mandy confessed all her naughty dreams about him and Rick unleashed the beast. I hardly feel their chemistry but the sexual tension? Oh boy...

You like when I put things in your ass, don’t you, dirty girl?
... Tonight, I’m putting my fat cock inside you. I’m going to take a picture of it buried deep in your tight hole because you want to see. Don’t you, baby?”

They're really perfect together. I didn't realize Rick is soo kinky and I loved it. Every sex scenes between Mandy and Rick are dirty and crazily HOT. He's a bit hardcore but still safe. Rick is so alpha and dominant also protective with Mandy especially when her abusive father came. Overall, amazing short story with a lot of dirty talks and filthy sex. No regret and I will keep re-read this. Many times ;)

My sweet girl was locked away by a monster and was just waiting for her prince to come save her. I’ll save her, over and over again.

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