ARC Review: Four Crows by Lily White

Four Crows by Lily White

Publication Date: February 28th, 2017
Genres: Dark, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Length: 406 pages
“You’ll have to forgive me, Darlin’, for all the unforgivable things I’m about to do…”

Loyalty is never easy – especially when you’re forced to choose between family and the man you would do anything to possess…

Born into a world that no child should endure, Magpie “Maggie” Crow is doted on by her loving father and over protective brothers. As much as she loves them, she fears them, especially when she learns secrets they've kept hidden.

Elliot McLaughlin joined the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school to provide for his wife and son. He’d never intended to become a father so young, but was willing to do what it took to give his family everything they needed.

After Elliot’s family goes missing, he returns from war to an empty home. Obsessed with discovering who took his family, he investigates their disappearance and plots his revenge.

Passion brings Maggie and Elliot together. Obsession pushes them apart. As a bitter battle begins between Elliot and the Crows, Maggie’s heart hangs in the balance.

**Disclaimer: This book is intended for audiences 18 years of age or older. The subject matter of this book discusses sensitive topics that may be a trigger for some readers.****


Lily White always be my one-click author. I will never doubt her dark and twisted mind to create a captivating story. However, I'm so conflicted with Four Crows and half enjoyed it. Somehow when I read this story, I felt like watching a 1980-ish crime movie. It was good enough to keep me on my toes.

I had nothing left to lose, which made me the most dangerous type of man. I lacked fear. I lacked morality. I lacked every decent thing inside myself that made me care about consequences. Nothing mattered. And because of that, it made me the perfect predator too.

It all started from Elliot McLaughlin who wants to get revenge for his family. He left his wife and child to serve the country but when he got home, they were gone. Guilt ate him alive and Elliot swore the Crow family will get what they deserved. Maggie Crow always live in the bubble of her father's protection along with her two older brothers. There is no rainbow and unicorn wait for her. Only blood. Curious Maggie love to explore until she met the man her father always warn her about.

First, the chemistry between main characters, Maggie and Elliot. I loved the forbidden element between them. How crazy for Elliot to flirt with a girl who's half of his age? Yum! It was super awkward at first. Like he's really uncomfortable but Maggie couldn't deny her attraction for him. I bet he's the only decent man she ever met in her whole life. I wouldn't lie that I'm really fascinating with their chemistry through half of story. The rest of their 'love' didn't really held my interest until the end. Something just didn't click for me.

I would use her. I would betray her. I would split her apart when I destroyed everything she'd ever known. And when I was done, I'd walk away from her, attaching the memory of overwhelming loss to the memory of the first time a man showed her love.

Second, Elliot turns into Rambo-mode to start a war with the Crow. He prepared everything but his almost flawless plan got screwed by Maggie herself. Blood is thicker than water, eh? I was like WTF with Maggie's action. After all the shit her family done? It was so wrong in many levels. Also Elliot didn't has the balls to 'finish' what he started. He prolong their 'death' with so many question but in the end, there is no answer. So frustrating.

Third and the final, it was unbelievable with how naive is Maggie. Yes, it's scary especially now she's with a man on mission. Everything became clear in the end. The missing puzzle about Elliot's family revealed. Together, Maggie and Elliot finished what they left behind. It was horrific with Maggie's family played with other people's life. Sick and disgusting still couldn't cover my reactions towards them.

Lily White really did freaking-tastic job with this story. Well-written and nicely flowed. Promising plot with predictable ending. Elliot as the tortured anti-hero really did heroic job in the end. He's been through a lot and Maggie is a survivor. It was no surprise how they managed to be in love and ended up together. There are some amazingly intimate sex scenes which is good enough.

I’d never ask you to kill for me.”
“You wouldn’t have to. And if your life was on the line, you couldn’t stop me either. I’m a possessive, protective, man, Maggie. What’s mine is mine and I will fight to the death if need be to keep it that way.”.

Overall, Four Crows managed to amaze me with a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I liked it enough with the thrills and suspense from the actions. For me, the dark elements in the book shown through the tragedy itself & age-difference as taboo.

We were two people on opposite sides of a line that had no way of intermingling. Victim versus monster. Good versus evil. A man desperate to reveal truth versus a woman who knew that truth but had chosen to remain silent.

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