Review: Full Mountie by Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller

Full Mountie by Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller

Series: Frisky Beavers #3
Publication Date: April 4th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Menage (M/M/F)
Length: 428 pages
365 days I’ve wanted Beth beneath me, begging for release. One long, angst-filled year we’ve circled each other, keeping things strictly professional.
But I’ve also got shit in my past that complicates relationships. And I should know better than to hope secrets can stay buried.

A year? Try ten. A decade ago, I let Lachlan walk away because deep down, I knew he needed something else.
As soon as I laid eyes on her, I understood what I was up against: he loves Beth. Looks at her in a way he’d never look at me.
I get it.
Curvy, smart, and bossy? I just might love her, too.

Two men. Two first dates.
Two first kisses…
But this doesn’t feel like a love triangle.
Oh no. It’s much more complicated than that. I’m not complaining. I’m game for anything. I just have one rule: we don't tell anyone.

* Warning: there are no limits to these Mounties’ willingness to please
* Never underestimate the strength of a woman
* Sometimes the past can come back and bite you...if you're lucky
* Top-secret clearance means three doesn’t need to be a crowd


I was waiting for Lachlan's story but didn't anticipate this book will be a M/M/F menage. I'm still grey area with this relationship because the M/M problem but I'm trying to stay positive. I really liked the previous books, and I hoped this one will live my expectation. Sadly it didn't quite deliver.

Lachlan was introduced as Gavin's (the Prime Minister) head of security who has crush with Beth, Gavin's secretary. But he's unsure to get to close with Beth because he feels not worth it. Hugh made his first appearance in Max's book, Doctor Bad Boy as the new security team for the PM. It appears Lachlan and Hugh shared a secret past. Beth overwhelmed yet intoxicated between two men and she couldn't decide.

I kinda liked Beth. She's independent and hard-working woman. Beth appears to be shy and 'conservative' but believe me, she isn't. Just a regular workaholic woman. Beth and Lachlan already in circles for as long as I can remember. No one's making a move but when Hugh step out, everything changed.

Lachlan was the one who frustrated me the most with his uncertainty. I didn't like that trait on a guy. Fortunately, Beth is really patient like a saint. She's still welcome him after his little drama. However, she's also dating Hugh but they're agree to tell on each other. Their 'date' phase was moving too slow and almost bored me. But I really enjoyed how Hugh woo-ed and get romantic with Beth.

Finally we got the sex. Lachlan and Hugh. Hugh and Beth. Lachlan and Beth. The only thing I didn't connect is with their kinky play. Their BDSM feels like a child play. Pretty tame. Also I couldn't enjoy when Beth control the scene. Anyway, it's really for fun. Don't worry the sex scenes happened a lot. Honestly, I prefer Lachlan and Hugh because they have the connection from a long time ago.

Basic rule of sex: trust your dick. When it’s happy, you should be happy. But Jesus, that’s easier said than done when your boyfriend is rubbing circles around your asshole and your girlfriend is grinning at you on the other side, and pretty soon you’re just going to come on the spot because you haven’t done this in ages. ~Lachlan

After a lot of hot sweaty sex, the main conflict came from both man #facepalm. Really?! Beth is the most cool-est person without any drama. Like a pretty doll who is in love with those two. Hugh went to martyrdom and Lachlan... Geez, I dont' know anymore. It feels surreal after all the sh!t happened. Obviously, the chemistry only exist between Lachlan-Beth or Lachlan-Hugh. That's it.

"You are my North Star,” I whisper. “Everywhere I am, no matter what I’m doing, I gravitate toward you. You hold still in the swirling chaos so I can find my way to you. You are bright and constant in my sky.” ~Lachlan to Beth

The fight between Lachlan and Hugh in the past because... no communication? Cliche. And it happened again when they're with Beth. However, Beth's confused with their unconventional relationship (Poly) and no one could comfort/explain her when they're too busy with their feelings.

Overall, it looks promising and everything went down the hill. It was nicely written but no actual story. It was too long pages that kept me wondering when will I finish this. In the end, I loved Elle and Gavin's wedding and new promising characters for the next book :) Cheers!

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