Review: Christmas Candy by Celia Aaron

Christmas Candy by Celia Aaron

Publication Date: November 26th, 2016
Genres: Erotica, Contemporary Romance
Length: 265 pages
A Christmas novella where everyone gets their just desserts.
Olive had a major crush on Hank in high school. She was the too-smart, slightly chubby girl who gawked as Hank ran track and made all the cheerleaders swoon. After high school, the two went their separate ways. Olive opened a yoga studio and swore off sweets while Hank traveled the world. No problem, right? At least there wasn't a problem until Hank moved back to town and opened a candy shop across the street from Olive's studio. Now, Olive will do everything she can to shut her old crush down. But Hank has other plans, and all of them end with an Olive sundae.

Author's Note: Christmas Candy ends at 25%. As a special holiday treat, The Hard and Dirty Holidays (a set that includes A Stepbrother for Christmas, Bad Boy Valentine, Bad Boy Valentine Wedding, and F*ck of the Irish) is included at the end of this sweet tale for a limited time. Happy Holidays from Celia Aaron!


The best Christmas story for this year! I've read some Celia Aaron's and mostly, I enjoyed it. I didn't read the blurb and surprised to know how unpredictable it is. Also it was super funny! Just right for my gloomy heart at this moment.

No more chubby and braces. Olive Granderson owns a yoga studio and made herself a business woman. She turns into beautiful woman by herself. Her only weakness is the candy shop across her place. The owner is Hank Winters, her high school crush. It didn't matter, Olive vow to never touch that candy again. But Hank made it impossible. He tempted Olive in many ways because he wants her.

“Candy apples.” I keep my voice low.
“What?” God, his voice in my ear sends shivers shooting down my spine.
“I like candy apples the best.”
“I’d like to see you eat one of my candy apples. Extra caramel for you.” He hands me the next ball, his index finger skating along mine. “Something sweet on your tongue.”

Olive is very easy likable character. She's funny, determined and ambitious. It is very adorable how Olive tried so hard to resist Hank's sweetness. Obviously, she still has feelings for him. Who doesn't love a sexy man who knows his way with sweets? It's Hank. He's a walking dream with complete package. I loved how 'human' he is. Both of them are like each other from a far and never get to close until now. Imagine how awkward they are. Somehow they could be cute with flirt and jokes.

His kiss is sudden yet gentle, his lips pressing against mine and his hands going to my waist. My body lights up like the town Christmas tree. I put a hand to his bare chest and push him back.

Even it's only a short story, I enjoyed the flow. The story told from 2 POVs, Olive and Hank. I loved the chemistry between them. It was slow-burn tension and full with lust. I really adored both Olive and Hank. Nothing too instant. They have their moment together and it was lovely. The only minus was how Olive went overboard with something and how quickly their problem suddenly gone. But, again it is only a short story. But I'm really satisfied with this sweet story.

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