ARC Review: Her Master's Christmas by Lily White

Her Master's Christmas by Lily White

Series: Masters #2.5 (Novella)
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2016
Genres: BDSM, Dark Romance, Erotica
Length: 124 pages
I am a Master.
You must know this fact to understand my story.
I’m not here to offer you a delightful or cheerful holiday story.
It is not my job to fill up your heart with the festive spirit of the season.
It doesn’t make sense for me to subscribe to the spirit of the season when it’s one of the things I work so hard to extinguish in the courtesans I train.
Rebecca thought she could seduce me into celebrating a holiday she loves.

I don’t want lights and pretty baubles.
I don’t want trees, or wreaths or garlands.
I don’t want presents or the fantasy of a day where nothing bad exists.

She thought she could manipulate me until my heart warmed just enough to allow some festive cheer to sink into the depths of cold, bleak darkness.
I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again…
She was wrong.

**Her Master's Christmas is a holiday novella of the Masters Series. It follows Her Master's Courtesan and Her Master's Teacher. This book deals with sensitive subject matter and should be approached with caution by those sensitive to triggers.**


OMG OMG OMG... Look who's back? Master Aiden and his courtesan, Rebecca. Don't forget the mastermind behind the story, Lily White. I've been waiting for years to read the continuation of this series, and now, a novella about their Christmas party. Well, not exactly like what I've imagined. You'll need to read Her Master's Courtesan first, and beware of non-consensual and very sexually explicit.

Christmas always been Rebecca's favorite but without his Master's permission, there will be no Christmas. Rebecca has been his courtesan for years, and she's the first 'permanent' slave for him. Through seduction and punishment, Master Aiden thinks Rebecca will get what she wants. But no, he's the one with control but her attitude ends now.

I have love-hate relationship with Aiden. He is straight forward asshole with Master label. He earned it because his reputation to produce a courtesan. Until Rebecca. She's the only one who challenged him so much until now. Her rebellion turns him on. I though Aiden will 'mellow' a little since he claimed ownership over Rebecca. But nooo... It isn't Aiden's style.

... Aiden Oliver.
Never wavering in his absolute control of the world around him, Aiden was a cunning and shrewd man. He wore elegance and wealth as a second skin. He could easily and efficiently pick out the strengths and weaknesses of every person whose path he crossed.
What he lacked was empathy and humility. Because he had no need for either.

A new order came to produce a certain courtesan that needs Rebecca to be involved. Aiden stay true to his method to bring any woman into forced submission. Nobody's exceptional. There is no drama between Aiden and Rebecca ever. But this particular incident makes Rebecca realized that she will never own him. I'm amazed with Rebecca's strength all this time. A strange way to fall in love with someone like Aiden.

With every push inside, pain shot along the tender skin. There was nothing sensitive or gentle with this act. Yet I would still give him everything he demanded.

There were scenes that a bit hard to process but eventually, it didn't take long. I've never expected both Aiden and Rebecca to be this smart and manipulative. There is no romance between them. But the way Aiden show his affection to Rebecca as his courtesan is really fascinating. Of course, the Christmas party really happened in the end and it was sexy yet insane.

He was all consuming, this man that invaded my heart, my mind, my soul and my body without the need for invitation.

The story told from 2 POV's, Rebecca and Aiden. I feel so blessed with this ARC because Lily White never disappoint me. Really worth it! And yeah, Master Anthony is in the party and I can't wait for his story!!! Like, seriously... When?!

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