Review: Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre

Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre

Publication Date: April 17th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Length: 276 pages
Everyone in Nashville knows Nathan Dumont. That's what happens when you develop half a town and sleep with the rest.
Four years ago, his fiancee disappeared.
Last night, he proposed to me.

I'd wanted to escape my life, the seedy strip club and the mountain of bills. I had seized the opportunity to live in a mansion, fill my days with country clubs and caviar, my nights with romance and sex.

Maybe I should have done my homework first.

Note: This book is an expanded and revised version of Mrs Dumont, which is no longer available for sale. It contains filthy hot scenes, voyeurism, a dominating alpha male, and a plot you won't be able to step away from.


Previously as The Dumont Diaries series/Mrs. Dumont, I'm intrigued to read this. From a desperate stripper became trophy wife for successful businessman. How bad can it be? Candace Tapers aka Candy works her ass off as a stripper for her sick father. She was once a princess but fell hard with no money left. Then this strange rich man, Mr. Dumont along with his bodyguard came with proportion. Marriage. It's for pleasure only; no romance. But Candy still has her smart brain to figure out what's wrong with her future husband.

Lust is a dangerous thing. It can seduce your mind and lead it blindfolded to the cliff that will be its demise.

I liked Candy and her struggle felt so real. With her amazing body, she became stripper. But one her sacred rule is no sex with clients. This maybe your kind of Cinderella story but believe me, it is not. Candy isn't a damsel in distress. She's just need the money and of course, the sex.

Nathan is one of my issues. I know he act like a first class bastard to Candy. He used their marriage like a business. Wife as an employee. He never shown his emotions towards Candy except for anger and unreasonable jealousy. No matter how handsome he is, I kinda hated him. But their sex was O.M.G! Such a beast with dirty mouth. Me likey!

The story told mostly from Candy's POV but sometimes there's Nathan. At first I couldn't understand Nathan's motive with the marriage. When Nathan's gone (for business), Candy crave for attention and affection. She felt useless to doing nothing a whole day. She played a dangerous game with the bodyguard, Drew. I think their chemistry felt real than with Nathan. But in the end, Nathan told Candy everything and she couldn't agree more.

Nathan changed like a different person. He's no longer cold and distant bastard. The real Nathan is more lively and fun. Candy wasted her last days to be with Nathan as a loving wife instead she's already fall in love with him. This one earned bonus point for me when Nathan show he can 'redeem' himself. However, Candy's easily forgivable with Nathan and welcome him without struggle.

He is a drug that I have no way of resisting, bad for my soul, but so heartbreakingly perfect in its deliverance.

Ms. Torre always succeed to captive me with her writing also the characters. There's always up and down with them. Nathan was too blind with past and never realize the reality. I have hate-love relationship with Nathan. Also how easily forgettable Drew's character. Like he's just an accessory. Anyway, the story has slow paced at first but engaging towards the end. Overall, a great read but ended up in rush with anticlimactic solution. Hmph. But once again, the sex was soo great, distracting and forgivable.

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