ARC Review: Dirty Little Secret by Nora Heat

Dirty Little Secret by Nora Heat

Publication Date: June 29th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Length: 148 pages
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams presents: Nora Heat, a fun, sexy new pen name for lovers of quick, blazing hot romances.

Naomi Parker is a lot of things.
Beautiful. Sweet. Innocent.
But even good girls have a kryptonite.
For Naomi, it's Dominic Thomas, the man she babysits for.

Dominic Thomas is handsome, smart, and an amazing father.
But every man has his downfall.
For him, it's little Naomi Parker, the babysitter and his best friends daughter.

They shouldn't want each other, but the temptation is too hard to fight.
Whatever happens will be their dirty little secret.

** As an added bonus, the beginning of Tainted Black by Shanora Williams has been added to the back of this novella. Enjoy! **


As an alter ego from Shanora Williams, she gave us more dirtier story than her usual writing. The blurb also sounds promising with the forbidden elements. Fall in love with father's best friend? Wow... Unfortunately, I've read other books with this theme and it didn't really make any difference.

Naomi Parker is a virgin college girl who has biggest crush for his father's best friend, Dominic Thomas or she called Mr. Thomas. Naomi works as the nanny's for his baby in exchanged for the secret meeting with Dominic. They're so in lust.

I would kill to fuck her. Knowing she’s a virgin just makes it harder to hold back, especially when she comes around in those short skirts and dresses — ...I want her tight pussy wrapped around me every time I see her, and I know she wants to feel my cock deep inside her. I can’t wait to break her in.

Well, both Naomi and Dominic are decent characters. The story already started with their secret relationship. Dominic's wife left him with the baby and Naomi works for him just for the holiday. I kinda enjoyed it. But I just hate the feeling with a bit similarity with another story I've read before.

Dirty talk? Check.
Sex? Check.
Is it memorable? Not really.

I don’t think straight when she’s around. I forget all about the fact that she’s my best friend’s daughter, and that’s really fucked up. It’s so fucking hard to stop. Once it started, it was a done deal. I was hooked, needing my next fix from her like she was a damn drug.
She’s my little secret.

I wish for in depth chemistry or more sexual tension, not just ripping each other clothes and fuck over the rainbow. But, hey this is just a short novel. Anyway, it was really quick, no OTT drama and definitely HEA as promised by the author. But it didn't WOW me enough with the non-existent 'heat' effect because somehow it feels overly sweet for my hardcore taste.

I’m going to fuck you until I feel your sweet little pussy clenching around my cock, baby,” I groan. “Who owns this pussy?”
She moans in response.
“I own this pretty little pussy,” I tell her. “Me, baby, and only me. Don’t you ever give it away.”
My cum looks so sexy on her body.
She’s dirty with my seed and I fucking love that shit.

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