ARC Review: Dirty Thief by Tia Louise

Dirty Thief by Tia Louise

Series: Dirty Players #4
Publication Date: April 23rd 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Suspense
Length: 290 pages

What do you get when you mix a brooding king with a sexy pickpocket? Not your usual fairytale.

Ava Wilder is beautiful, she lives in a pink castle, and she's a thief. Rowan Westringham Tate loves power, speed, and Ava.

Their romance is straight out of a dirty Cinderella story, until the one man Ava is running from shows up to claim what she stole--or to claim her.

Now Ava might be forced to take another thing to protect her happily ever after... A life.

DIRTY THIEF is a white-hot CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE in the "Dirty Players" universe. It features secrets, lies, a touch of darkness, and scorching-hot sexy times. Prepare for frequent panty changes, frantic clicking, and rapid breathing until the end.


First, I wanna thanks to the author for gave me this ARC. I'm so excited for more Rowan and Ava in action since the first book. I don't think this could be read as a standalone because there are so much things about this couple that you should know. A bit recap; Ava and Zelda Wilder were thieves who got blackmail to seduced the Monagasco princes. Zelda supposed to be with the crown prince instead she fall for the other brother. Fate has other plan for them. Then, Ava married to the King Rowan Westringham Tate and Zelda live happily ever after with her prince.

Everything went smooth. Ava and Rowan still crazy for each other. Now as the queen, Ava is happily more involved with her charity works, especially for children. The Wilder sister are orphan and became runaway because the immoral person they live in. Ava realize she stole something before they left and she never think that person will back to haunt her happy life.

Ava is more kind and tender heart than her wild sister, Zelda. She's way too perfect to be true, including her beautiful look. But never forget her true nature as a thief. I loved how playful Ava around anyone. She's also smart even didn't go to school, but based on her life experience.

“I love you, Ava Wilder-Tate. Your worries are my worries. My shoulders are wider than yours, and my back is stronger. I have no problem taking this from you.” ~Rowan

Like Ava, Rowan is too good to be true for a king. He's everything a woman can dream of. Super handsome, loyal, loving and great in bed. I'm in love with his dominant and protective side. Rowan love at first sight with Avasince their first met. They're couldn't be separate. I know it was a bit insta-love and sometimes cheesy, but still okay. They have chemistry and that's important for the relationship. They're also still hot for each other and this story is a prove for their naughty sexy times. Totally non-stop steamy sex between them. Whew! Especially with their kinky play.

Rowan is relentless. Our bodies are slick with sweat. The padded strap caresses my hips as he pulls it faster. It’s so good… it’s so much better. I feel every part of him touching me. I’m completely at his mercy as he dominates me.

Anyway, I really loved Monagasco. It's a small and peaceful country without over drama and non-formal. No hardcore politic talks even with their own affairs, Rowan really did amazing job as a king along with the royal guard. He's very responsible king. When the dragon attack, the prince slayed it and come to save the princess. That's what happened to Ava. But she's no damsel in distress, instead she brave enough even kinda ridiculous (like repeating the same mistake from previous books). Still, she's not clingy heroine which is I liked.

You stole my heart.”
I laugh and stretch my chin up to meet his mouth. I might not be a dirty thief, but lying here, in the arms of my king, with family close by and more on the way, I’ve found the calm I’ve always been seeking. ~Ava

The story told from dual POVs between Ava and Rowan. It was nicely written but slow paced at first with all the dirty and romance. Overall, I still enjoyed the story especially the right amount of suspense. I'm so happy with Zelda and Cal's appearance with their little angel. Everything feels almost perfect.

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