Review: Dirty Doctor by Whitney G.

Dirty Doctor by Whitney G. 

Series: Steamy Coffee Collection #2
Publication Date: March 5th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Length: 122 pages
"Lean back on the table and spread your legs for me..."

Being a doctor in New York City has never been easy. Especially for someone like me who has a private practice and an incompetent staff who insists on leaving me to fill in for them.

Over the past six months, I've performed one too many pap smears, three too many "breast exams," and scrubbed in on several reconstructive surgeries. (This would be acceptable if I was still interested in general medicine, but I'm not. I'm supposed to be a goddamn therapist...)

When my team finally came to their senses and decided to bring someone more competent into the practice last month, I was actually elated.

Until I realized that our new "doctor" was none other than the woman I was supposed to meet over dinner two weeks ago. The same woman who stood me up with nothing more than an "I can't meet you anymore, sorry," after we agreed to move our online talks into reality.

I haven't forgotten any of the filthy fantasies she told me about, and I never deleted our dirty messages. And if she thinks that I'm going to act like a "professional" and pretend like that shit never happened, she has another thing coming...


After Dirty Boss, whitney G gave us another man candy. I was so excited to read this novella. A quick and (supposed to be) dirty read like she promised. But unfortunately, I didn't feel that way. Well, it was quick but not dirty enough for my taste.

⇒ Garrett Ashton is the most hottest and arrogant doctor (according to the story) who performed too many "unnecessary exams". It was really entertaining at first. How disgustingly crazy some of his female patient really made me laugh. As a super busy man, he only has time in clinic and online dating. He's intrigued with JerseyGirl7. Their constant messages indicates how they will match in bedroom. Garrett didn't hesitate to step forward. Face to face.

Is that a yes or a no to me sending the pictures to you? I think my cock would fit perfectly inside your smart-ass mouth ...


⇒ Natalie Madison has "difficulty" to search for a right partner. Picky bitch? Fuck yeah. But no one is perfect, except for her chatting friend, D-Doctor. He seems the right person to fulfill all her naughty fantasy. Then, the reality hits hard when she failed to reach her dream job. Also she must face the fact that Dr. Ashton is D-Doctor will be her new boss as a resident. As awkward as it will be, she really need to stay professional. Natalie really did amazing job. She's also shameless and I kinda liked her at first.

Why do I get so aroused by telling a stranger about my non-existent sex life and fantasies?

⇒ I admitted that I really enjoyed their sexual chemistry. But their work ethics are really sucks. Garrett really did something un-professional many times. He mixed business with personal feelings. He tried to alienate Natalie but it didn't work. They became very immature.

⇒ Don't start the sex with me. Garrett really did great job with all the dirty talks but no actions. Honestly, their "dream sex" only happened ONCE! Goddamn. I've been waiting this moment then HUH?! They're wasting time to stay grumpy and annoyed each other. Where is my FILTHY sexy times?!

Overall, I'm not really big fan of this story. I really liked their job as a doctor. Giving me some insight even I didn't understand the most of it. But still, those two irritated me with their drama. Also in the end, Garrett back to "Dr Jekyll/Hyde" mode again (like Natalie said). I really need more chemistry outside sex. They're almost never spend time together outside workplace. Too many time skipped. Again, it was entertaining short story to fulfill your reading challenge.

Miss Madison,” he said, looking at me as if I was actually a patient. “I’m Dr. Ashton and I’ll be taking care of your pussy today.”
“I’m pretty sure that’s not the script...”
“It is today.”

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