Review: Preach by K Webster

Preach (changed into Easton) by K Webster

Publication Date: July 5th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Length: 143 pages
Ex-convict turned preacher.
Bad girl with a messy past.

He’s tasked with helping her find her way.
She’s lost in grief and self-doubt.

Together they begin something innocent…
Until it’s not.

His freedom is at risk.
Her heart won’t survive another break.

All rational thinking says they
should stay away from each other.
But neither are very good
at following the rules.

A deep, dark craving.
An overwhelming need.
A burn much hotter than any hell
they could ever be condemned to.

They have much to be forgiven for...

***Warning: This is an insta-love TABOO romance novella. Only proceed if you can handle things outside the norm.***
***Bonus Story: A short bonus story is included at the end called Time Served for your enjoyment!***


K Webster nearly gave me heart attack with this new release. We all know the book is a part of taboo treats so I had high expectation. I really, really liked Bad Bad Bad because it was quick and superrr dirty.

Easton was an ex-convict turned preacher. His crime in the past because of his own action but he redeemed himself. Now, he's a preacher who is in lust with a troubled teenager, Lacey. She came to him for some revelation to let go her messy past. Together, they have chemistry but Easton tried his best to avoid this vixen.

My mind isn’t pure right now. There’s a tugging in my heart that I’m unfamiliar with. That, coupled with the guilt, has my mind spinning with every reason why having her here is wrong.

Well, the story really intrigued me. There's several book with this theme, so nothing's new. But, I really enjoyed the prologue. Easton and his friends are really funny with their banter. Easton also sincere with his job as a preacher. I kinda liked Easton at first before he met Lacey.

Is God tempting me to see how I’ll handle the situation?
I’m strong.
If I could survive a decade behind bars, I can sure as hell survive this.

Lacey is just an okay girl with bad judgement for men. She fell with wrong guy several times before Easton. The worst thing happened to her is Lacey lost her unborn child and it wrecked her. Easton became her sanctuary. She's getting better because of him. I think Lacey is lack of affection from father figure and that's why some older men became her 'escape'. Luckily, Easton isn't a bad guy.

I wouldn't say this one has insta-love because they're building the chemistry for months. I know this is kinda wrong to lusting after underage girl. Lacey isn't eighteen yet when they started to fooling around. But there's the taboo effect of the story. Beside I liked the sex scenes, Easton was a bit awkward with the dirty talk, but he's really sexy and sweet. Nothing is OTT with the sex.

Aside their chemistry, I couldn't feel their love. Yes, they're very passionate couple but it was too rushed for being together forever. However, I dislike the dramas. Lacey's ex haunted her back many times. Also some people finally found their secret relationship because Easton's uncontrollable lust. It was totally predictable. Overall, it was a quick and steamy read. Not really WOW me but decent enough without offense some religious matter.

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