Review: Bound by D H Sidebottom

Bound by D H Sidebottom

Series: Caged #2.5
Publication Date: March 17th 2017
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Suspense
Length: 59 pages
Two years later.

Anderson Cain’s life has changed so much. But then not so much.
The hunger for violence and bloodshed is still raw, still as consuming as ever. The need to know where he came from, and how he got there, is still as pungent as ever. The need for pain and degradation he craves is now becoming unbearable, and the crushing constraint he fights with, not to mix brutality with sex, is growing fiercer with every breath.
Yet, there is one thing that fills his lungs with pure air, one thing that gives his life purpose and hope, and only one thing that calms the turbulent storm of rage inside him.
Sam. The epitome of his mother.
The replica of the gentle soul Anderson will never forget. Never stop loving. Never stop longing for.

Unwilling to allow anyone to destroy the only thing he lives for, Anderson’s life is thrown into hell when Sam suddenly takes ill. The very thing that owns Anderson’s cold and damaged heart is threatened, and when it seems like history has a nasty way of repeating itself, once again, an unexpected soul steps up and takes hold of his hand.

The calm and serenity only one woman could give him was snatched away two years ago, and he thought he would never feel that quietness in the core of him once again.
Except, sometimes, someone, somewhere, offers us retribution for our sins. A hand reaches out to hold ours. And a gentle heart can, and does, settle the fury inside us.

Amidst suffering.
Comes mercy.
And punishment.

This book contains scenes of violence and sex. 18+ years.


I was surprised to know this novella because the previous books, Caged and Chained ended up just okay for me. Honestly, I didn't expect much from this but surprisingly, I liked it. Anderson Cain still couldn't move on since Kloe's death. He's still fight and consumed with brutality. Also his dark needs to be satisfied and thanks to Robbie, his best friend.

Suddenly his two years old son, Sam fallen ill and it scared him the most. Part's of Kloe to be taken away. But another surprise came when a red-head nurse, Jeanie Carlson. With her kind and warm smile, Anderson started to feel something. They became close. Jeanie is an easy person. I liked her instantly. But something bad happened with her.

When Jeanie's in danger, Anderson became her protector. They started to attracted and open with each other, especially when Jeanie 'confessed' her lifestyle. She's really submissive and masochist which is I liked. It was really match made in heaven. Jeanie trust him so much and begin to fall for him. I really enjoyed their togetherness. Raw, sexy and dangerous.

I want to give you this, Jeanie. I want to watch the rush of ecstasy make your beautiful body flush just for me.”
“Oh God.”
“I want to consume your pain, feast on it. I want to sink so far inside you that your pain will become mine, your pleasure the very thing that stops the beat of my heart.”

He fucking owned me. He annihilated every thought in my head. He took me to the edge of euphoria and dragged me back before I could touch nirvana.

I'm really happy with Anderson's transformation. He's less intense, more flirty and joking around. It was unpredictable how much he changed since with Jeanie. The only problem is, with the sudden love's confession. I wouldn't mind with longer pages to deepens their bond. Overall, totally loved it! I'm satisfied with the happy ending. He deserved it.

Anderson had been broken in so many different ways. And it was time he was loved in many more ways. He was right, life and love should be grabbed by the horns. Love should be the easiest emotion we ever felt, the easiest lesson we ever learned.

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