Review: Pet by Isabella Starling

Pet: A Dark Menage Romance by Isabella Starling

Publication Date: June 8th, 2017
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Menage
Length: 416 pages
My name is Pet. My story is going to break your heart.

The first thing you should know about me, is that I'm a good girl.
I follow directions. I bend at the waist. I do anything and everything my King tells me to.
But King is demanding. King is dangerous. He wants to hurt me.
And there is only one person who can help me run away from King...
Except I don't know if I want to leave him. I don't know if I can.

Good pets always obey their master... But what if I want to have two?

PET is a standalone 95,000 word novel. This is a DARK romance!


My pretentious name had always been the most unique thing about me. Without it, I was just the boring girl next door. But as Pet, I felt anything but boring. As Pet, I felt special.

Oh my gosh... Look at dat cover! The blurb also sounds promising. After the failed attempt from her last book, Daddy's Brat, I'm willing to give another chance. I think the author has potential for this book. However, my expectation felt flat and quite disappointing. Is it Dark? Is it really menage? Is it romance? Let's find out...

Sapphire something (I didn't remember her last name)is an eighteen years old virgin girl without future. She landed waitress job as her roommate's replacement. That night Sapphire met someone who is gonna change her life. King. He shouldn't attract to the girl. She's a walking trouble but he's already in lust with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. His multiple attempt to drove her away always failed because he always come back to her. This time, he's about to bring a stranger into their 'relationship'.

Sapphire/Pet is a total whinny brat. Before with King, she was nothing. And now, she become his Pet and fucktoy. She has reasonable jealousy tendency which is a plus. But I didn't like her immaturity. End of. Not my kind of heroine. However, it seems our Pet has some dark awful secrets in her past and King is about to find it. I never have problem with her sexuality. I loved how she's a shameless little whore but only for King.

Keep fucking riding my lap, little Pet. And I promise you I will give you anything you want and more.”
“Your… cock,” I gasped against his lips, and he grinned as he stared me down. “Your cock, deep inside me.”
“In every sweet hole,” he promised and I yelped as he made me grind harder.
I moaned.
“Your mouth second.”
He was so dirty, and I loved it.
“That sweet fucking pussy last, Pet. I want to finish in your pussy once I’ve split you open.”

King is a total asshole since the first time. I couldn't like him either. King rarely has open communication with Pet. He always away from her but still order around. And it makes his Pet agitated and ended up has angry sex. Pain and pleasure. Nonetheless, I kinda liked his dominant act and their sex scenes. But for love? I feel nothing. King appears to emotionally abused Pet but there's another side of him that no one know.

The story told from multiple POVs between Sapphire/Pet, King and Stranger. I think as my first warning, there's OW action happened that I couldn't understand WHYYY. Although, I didn't like both main characters (Pet and King), I came to enjoy the new addition. Stranger. He couldn't keep his eyes off Pet. The insta-lust between them was undeniable. So freakin' HOT.

You need to come for me, little slut.”
“No,” she whispered. “Not from that, I… I can’t come from that.”
“You will tonight. Oh, little one. You like being fucked like that? Like a fucking ragdoll?”

Stranger is just an okay character with his obsession towards Pet at first. But he started to show up his genuinity with her well being. There's a hugeee question about King brought Strange into their relationship. I didn't like King at first, but his behind-the-scene action for Pet really stunned me. So protective, territorial yet caring. The ending really help me to forgive him.

My previous question about this book, Is it Dark? I don't think so. Nothing's disturbing happened. They have very sexually explicit with consent.
Is it really a menage? Well, it's only happened a few times and I wouldn't say they're totally into menage. Just regular threesome. Nothing more.
Is it romance? Not really. I couldn't say why but I didn't feel strong connection with all of them. Pure insta-love.

Overall, the story was decent and didn't really WOW me. But the ending totally surprised me. A bonus for this book. Also, If you're looking only for the sex, this is the right answer. Intense, insane non-stop pure sex!

She said my name, over and over again as we fucked her, a whisper on her lips, then a scream at the top of her lungs. Over and over again, King, please King, more King, my King. I sure as hell hoped it was pissing Stranger off, though by the looks of it, the sick bastard was actually enjoying it, riding my pretty girl’s pussy for all she had and groaning like she was the tightest, sweetest ride he’d ever experienced.

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